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Ben Klink
Ecological Restoration Project Manager

Mr. Klink has over 10 years of experience working in the natural resource field with focus on environmental restoration, invasive species control and vegetation monitoring. Mr. Klink has worked in this capacity for both private and public organizations throughout the southwestern United States. He has experience working on environmental projects from policy and development stages, through field implementation, monitoring and data analysis.

Mr. Klink has also worked with invasive plant species in research and monitoring applications. His research background includes work in plant physiology, evapotranspiration, and habitat characteristics for several endangered species in the southwest.

Working with GSRC, Mr. Klink has managed or co-managed 20 individual projects focused on environmental restoration, vegetation monitoring, CRAM Surveys and invasive species control. He has worked with the US National Park Service, National Forest Service, NAVFAC Southwest, AFCEC and through subcontract agreements with other private organizations. Mr. Klink works with these projects primarily as a project manager, field supervisor, conducting crews through implementation phase and managing data for reporting.

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