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Bridget Rylander
Ecological Restorationist

Ms. Rylander is gaining experience in the natural resource field, specifically with vegetation monitoring, invasive species control and environmental restoration throughout California. She works as a crew lead on multiple projects throughout various ecosystems in Southern California. Ms. Rylander’s has worked with invasive species in her academic career. Her research experience includes work with plant physiology, ecology and crop science.

Working with GSRC, Ms. Rylander leads crews on multiple field projects including invasive species control through Early Detection Rapid Response Management Program (EDRR) throughout Camp Pendleton and Camp Edwards Airforce Base. She works on coastal dune restoration to protect breeding territory for Snowy Plovers and Least Terns. Ms. Rylander’s work with invasive species control and coastal dune restoration involves detecting/monitoring infested areas and controlling infestations through chemical and mechanical methods (chainsawing, hand-pulling, brush cutting). She routinely collects vegetative field surveys and records data for GSRC reports.

Bridget’s area of expertise include:

  • Herbicide selection, application and reporting
  • Mechanical invasive species removal
  • Vegetative monitoring, data collection and mapping
  • GPS/GIS field collection
  • Trimble and Garmin
  • Plant Identification
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