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Gillon Davis
Natural Resources Specialist

Mr. Davis joined GSRC in 2018. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in natural resource ecology and management, with a concentration on wildlife ecology. He has been involved in wildlife surveys for the East Baton Rouge Parish Parks and Recreation department. He created an extensive management plan for 440 acres of wetlands in southeast Louisiana. His experience also includes population and nesting success surveys of interior least terns along the Red River, trapping and handling wild animals, and aquatic invasive management in Southern California.


Mr. Davis has assisted various restoration projects throughout southern California involving invasive and exotic species removal, rare plant surveys, vegetation monitoring, seed collection, and vernal pool restoration. He has led crews on projects such as least tern and snowy plover nesting habitat restoration. Finally, Gillon has experience with map development using geographic information systems (GIS) for both natural and cultural projects, geodatabase creation, and georeferencing historical aerial imagery.

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