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Holly Morris
Restoration Ecologist

Mrs. Morris earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Minor in Conservation from Colorado State University and has 3 years of experience as an ecologist.

She started her work as a Research Assistant in a Grassland Ecology Research Lab where she worked on many lab and greenhouse ecological research projects as well as many field research sites throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas. For these projects, she answered questions about the effects of climate change on grassland ecosystems by studying plant community changes under drought, nutrient, fire and insect stress.

As a restoration ecologist for GSRC, she has gained experience working on government lands in California and Arizona to conserve rare plants, remove invasive plants, and restore essential habitats for endangered species. She directs field tech crews to implement and maintain habitat restoration plans on Camp Pendleton, Miramar, and many other sites throughout southern California. Most of her current work involves plant species surveys, invasive plant herbicide treatments, and restoration in coastal sage scrub, desert, vernal pool, riparian and coastal dunes habitats.

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