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Joshua Stonecipher
Natural Resources Specialist

Joshua Stonecipher

Joshua Stonecipher joined Gulf South Research Corporation in 2020. He has over 6 years of experience working on various biological projects primarily focused on ichthyology, freshwater biology, and conservation.

Joshua’s past work has included assessing the conservation status and performing a microsatellite analysis of population genetic structure of the state endangered Smallscale Darter across its range in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, monitoring changes in fish community assemblage post stream meander restoration in northwest Tennessee, and performing a seed germination study to assess the viability of restoration practices for pine rockland habitat in Miami-Dade county in Florida. Additionally, Joshua has participated in herpetological surveys in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky, snorkeling surveys of the federally endangered Tuxedo Darter in the Big South Fork River, and crayfish surveys in the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

Joshua earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a concentration in ecology, evolution, and environmental science from University of Tennessee at Martin in 2015.

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