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Karis Ritenour
Junior Ecologist

Karis has over 5 years of experience in conducting behavioral and wildlife field studies across 7 states. She has worked with several endangered species and species of conservation concern, including Desert Tortoises, Brown Pelicans, Bachman’s Sparrows, Reddish Egrets, and Whooping Cranes. She has raised Whooping Crane chicks for release, tracked them on their first migration, and monitored the last remaining wild flock in Texas. Additionally, Karis has surveyed hawks and owls and trapped and tagged small mammals and snakes for occupation studies. She designed and conducted her master’s thesis research on nesting waterbirds, flood regimes, and predator occupation in southwestern Louisiana.

Karis received her Bachelor of Science in ecology, evolution, and behavioral biology from Beloit College in Wisconsin and her Master of Science in renewable natural resources with a specialty in wildlife from Louisiana State University.

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