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The basic philosophy by which GSRC strives daily to serve our clients is quite simple:

  • Provide professional and personal service at all times.
  • Produce high-quality, objective documents.
  • Fulfill contracts ahead of schedule and within budget.
  • Constantly improve skills and expertise.
  • Predict the future’s needs and add services to meet them.

To satisfy this philosophy, GSRC only employs staff who have the same personal goals to satisfy commitments and assist in the successful completion of our clients’ missions. GSRC maintains a professional team of 35 staff members with education, training, and experience in various disciplines such as ecology, forestry, geology, socioeconomics, archaeology, hydrology, videography, community relations, and geographic information systems (GIS). These are all highly educated and trained personnel who work together as a team to get the job done right the first time and ahead of schedule. GSRC’s staff members have directed multidisciplinary planning projects in over 30 states and the Caribbean, and North Pacific Islands. In turn, the staff has gained valuable hands-on knowledge of Federal and state regulations and guidelines as well as a wide variety of ecosystems throughout the United States.

Suna Adam
President / Ecologist
Christopher J. Ingram
Vice President / Senior Ecologist
Mike Renacker
Environmental Resources Supervisor
Brian Bader
Environmental Resources Manager
Ticia Bullion
Senior Report Coordinator
Eddy Carter
Senior Environmental Engineer
Eve Carter
Archaeological Field Technician
Gillon Davis
Natural Resources Specialist
Erin Edwards
Architectural Historian
Renee Erickson
Project Director / Archaeologist
Allen Fuller
Habitat Restoration Director
John Ginter
Herpetologist / Wildlife Biologist
Sean Graham
Senior Ecologist / Project Manager
Christy Guempel
GIS Analyst
Marcela Guillot
GIS Analyst
Ross Hackbarth
Natural Resources Specialist / Botanist
R. Mark Kudron Hathorn
Archaeological Field Technician
Elizabeth Hunt
Project Director / Archaeologist
Ben Klink
Ecological Restoration Project Manager
John F. Lindemuth
Principal Investigator / Archaeologist
Sean Maguire
Josh McEnany
Senior Environmental Manager
Holly Morris
Restoration Ecologist
Isaac Munoz
Archaeological Field Technician
Howard Nass
Senior Environmental Manager
Rob Nixon
Natural Resources Specialist
Tiffany Ory
A.J. Pate
Natural Resources Specialist
Dennis Peters
Eastern Regional Operations Manager
Beau Rapier
Natural Resources Specialist
Katrina Rehrer
Bridget Rylander
Ecological Restorationist
Lauren Solomon
Ornithologist / Wildlife Biologist
Dr. Bretton Somers
Principal Investigator / Archaeologist
Joshua Stonecipher
Natural Resources Specialist
Ashlee Taylor
Archaeological Laboratory Director
Peggy Thurston
Report Coordinator
Dr. Sandra Villarreal
Natural Resources Specialist
Madison Vining
Ecological Restorationist
Jon Woods
Mammalogist / Wildlife Biologist
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