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Beau Rapier
Natural Resources Specialist

Beau Rapier

Beau has 6 years of experience working in over 19 states, predominately focused on mammals of conservation concern, but he has also held positions monitoring birds, vegetation, and parasite/disease dynamics. Some of Beau’s most notable job experiences were in the western U.S., particularly the Great Basin, where he documented shifts in mammal community structure in response to climate change along elevational gradients on sky island mountains. Beau has also participated in population genetic studies where he captured animals like pygmy rabbits, American pika, and reintroduced eastern woodrats. In the Appalachian mountains, Beau has led field crews to conduct point count surveys for migratory birds of conservation priority as well as identifying and buffering active bird nests in right of ways. In addition, he has aided in reporting cases of white-nose syndrome in Indiana bats, northern long-eared bats, and gray bats in Illinois and Tennessee. Beau has also participated in projects monitoring southern redbelly dace, smallscale darters, pristine crawfish and has also captured and telmetered cottonmouth and copperhead snakes.

Beau holds a bachelor’s degree in forestry wildlife management and habitat conservation from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and a Master of Science degree in biology from Austin Peay State University.

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