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Logan Mccardle

Logan Mccardle has over 8 years of experience in conducting wildlife field studies. He has participated in wildlife surveys and monitoring efforts in southeast Louisiana, the southern Sierra Nevada and Sacramento Valley of California, the Allegheny Front in West Virginia, and throughout the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. His previous field experience includes population monitoring and survey work with Federally listed and candidate species including the Pacific fisher, giant garter snake, loggerhead sea turtle, Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, and piping plover. Logan has also conducted bat mortality surveys and a number of herpetofaunal community ecology studies. Additionally, Logan has participated in Phase I Environmental Assessments, solid waste management programs, natural resources inventories, wetland delineation and restoration activities, and rare plant surveys.

Logan holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in biology with concentration in ecology, environmental science, and evolutionary biology from Southeastern Louisiana University.

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