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Vida Neu
Restoration Ecologist

Vida Neu

Vida Neu joined GSRC in 2021 with 10 years of crew management and plant propagation. Since joining GSRC he has participated in numerous restoration projects in California and Arizona while also helping to organize and grow GSRC’s Native Plant Nursery. He has experience working in a diverse array of sensitive habitats such as those for the endangered Desert tortoises, San Diego Gnatcatcher, and San Diego Fairy Shrimp.  He has participated in surveys and monitoring efforts the length of California, from monitoring Tule Elk herds in the coastal foothills to Quino Checkerspot Butterfly host plant surveys in the Cleveland National Forest. His previous time spent in the California Agricultural Industry has been invaluable in the field helping with everything from large equipment operations to developing better watering and planting techniques. He has also been a key member of a number of field seed collection efforts.

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